Tips for Refreshing a House by Repainting Trim & Accents

Sometimes it isn't necessary to completely repaint a house to refresh its look. Of course, this is particularly true for a home that has a brick or stone façade.

But if the exterior walls of your home are covered with kinds of board siding with a paint job that is still in good condition, you may decide to perk up its look by repainting the trim, accents and front door. It costs less than a complete paint job.

Large expanses of color, such as the walls and roof are called the "fields" of your home. Trim refers to roofline boards or "rakes," fascia (including eave soffits and boards visually supporting the eaves), window trim and vertical boards at the corners of walls. Accents are design elements such as shutters, window boxes and stair railings.

Preparing for a New Look

Brick, stone or board, your project will begin with a thorough scrubbing or pressure washing.

However, before you hire professional painting contractors in St Charles to prep your home for its do-over, invest some time in research about color combinations. 

Repainting the trim and accents on a house is a bit like a getting a facelift. After it's done, you must live with it every day, so your choices and the results had better be good. That's why you should give serious thought to what you like before reshaping the face of your home.

Even if you are planning on hiring professional painting contractors St Charles relies on like Prime Time, you need to put some thought into what will and won't work, so you can clearly communicate what you want.

Ways to research color combinations include:

  • Taking a walk in the neighborhood to view other homes and discover attractive color combinations

  • Visiting the local paint store to look at paint chips and discuss combinations with the staff

  • Touring the Internet for websites presenting photos of paint jobs and, then,

  • Discussing your ideas with a painting contractor during a free consultation.

Listening to a Home Marketing Expert

Writing at Forbes, the home marketplace service Zillow offers several observations about successful color combinations for trim and accents.

First, Zillow notes that although some homeowners like a monochromatic trim and wall combination, it tends to give a house an unfinished look. Trim that is darker than its field is also problematic, the company adds, because it may make windows look like pictures hanging on gallery walls.

Instead, Zillow suggests trim that is lighter than the walls and roof as being a safe choice. Save colors that stand out for accents, such as moss green shutters on a red brick field, shiny black flower boxes on a white house or a cobalt blue door against light yellow walls.

As to gutters, downspouts and other building elements you want to mask, paint them the same color as the walls.

Sharing Your Thinking 

Talk with family and friends to gain extra opinions, then contact us at Primetime Painting to share ideas.

Prepping for Exterior Home Painting

Prepping Your House for Exterior Home Painting

Have you begun to notice a little wear and tear on the outside of your house? Maybe the paint is blistering, cracking, and/or peeling? Maybe there is some wood rotting? If so, it is probably time to consider painting.

Before you start such a big project, there is a lot to consider. You may want to start with selecting the color and type of primer/paint you want to use. We recommend quality before price as a deciding factor. Your home will look better and you won’t have to repaint as often when using quality paint. Your local painting professional can give you a lot of help here. In addition to helping with the color, they can help you decide things like what type of paint you want to use. Will a latex type of paint (ease of use) or an alkyd (durability) be better? They can provide you with the information you will need to make an informed decision.

In addition to that, what other material will you need? Well, that will vary from house to house, but you will likely need:

·      Pressure washer

·      Paint roller

·      Paint brush

·      Paint trays

·      1 & 5 gallon containers

·      Painter’s tape

·      Drop cloths

·      Extension ladder

·      Caulk/caulk gun

·      Scraper

·      Sand paper


Depending on circumstances, you may also want to consider a paint sprayer.


Now that you are equipped, it is time for the prep work. Weather permitting (always a factor in exterior painting) at a minimum, you will need to sand and power wash the area to be painted. Depending on the condition of the exterior, some scraping and additional sanding may be required. As it will be with the painting, it is best to work from top down. Now would also be the time to replace or repair any rotting wood and fill cracks.


Care should be taken to use drop cloths to protect things like shrubberies. You should also use plastic and tape to protect areas that you don’t want painted, like outdoor lights, shudders, etc.


A couple of other quick tips are to combine gallons of paint into a larger container, to ensure even color. You may also want to consider adding some sand to the paint, for wooden stairs and porches. The sand will provide some grit for traction.


After all this, you can begin the task of painting but, once that’s completed, the fun is still not over. Now you have to cut in the trim. After that, is the equally fun task of cleaning up.


You can do all of this and more or you can call the pros at Prime Time Painting. With almost 20 years of experience painting exteriors of homes in the Chicago suburbs, they will get the job done right. From pressure washing, to wood repair, to color matching, they can do it all. Plus, be sure to check out their website, for valuable special offers. Call them today, at 630-920-3300, or visit their website, to get a free, no obligation estimate. You’ll be glad you did.